Photo courtesy Paul Sakuma, Associated Press
Former Oakland Raiders CEO Amy Trask says it's time for the Redskins name and logo to go.

Former Oakland Raiders CEO Says Redskins Must Change Name


Amy Trask, CBS analyst and former CEO of the Oakland Raiders, told she thinks it is time to say goodbye to the Washington Redskins’ offensive logo.

“It is unacceptable to use a derogatory term when referring to any person or any group of people,” Trask said in a follow up interview with Peter King on

Trask’s remarks were also featured on Ten Things I Think I Think with Greg A. Bedard.

“If we wish to inspire people to consider one another without regard to skin color, then it is antithetical to refer to any person or any group of people by skin color,” she told Bedard. “The Washington Redskins have an opportunity to do something meaningful.”

Trask said that she understands the costs associated with changing a business name, but elaborated: “sometimes there are costs associated with doing something important.”

In a separate interview on with Peter King, Trask said that she does not speak for the Native American community, but for herself.

“My belief is premised on the following: we should not consider skin color when interacting with any person or group of people,” she said.

Trask added that the Redskins have an opportunity to make a powerful statement and changing the team name is the way to go.

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