Running Strong for American Indian Youth
Running Strong for American Indian Youth provided 8,000 Native children with backpacks filled with supplies.

Running Strong Provides 8,000 Native Kids with Back-to-School Supplies

September 05, 2013

Running Strong for American Indian Youth was able to donate backpacks filled with school supplies to 8,000 Native children across Indian country. That’s more than double the 3,300 the organization was able to donate last year to elementary and junior high school students in South Dakota, Colorado, Iowa, Idaho, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Dakota, New Mexico and Washington.

“Our mission is to provide the American Indian youth with the essential tools needed to boost their self-esteem,” said Billy Mills, Running Strong’s national spokesperson, in a press release. “That is why this year we have expanded our outreach to American children around the country.”

The backpacks are filled with supplies elementary and junior high students need to start the school year off right.

“By providing these backpacks full of school supplies, we want to send a message to our youth that we care about their future,” said Mills.

It costs $9.22 to fill an elementary school bag and $16.29 to provide a filled bag to a junior high student. To learn how you can donate, call 888-491-9859 or visit