This dog swims with this dolphin in a harbor off Ireland just about every day.

Five Heartwarming, Hilarious Videos of Animals From Different Species Playing Together

September 10, 2013

The scientific community has acknowledged that animals are our brothers and sisters, sentient beings in their own right even if they don't have opposable thumbs. Who is to say what is going on inside their heads? These animals seem to have the same capacity to bond as anyone on two legs. And though they are of different species, they all get along just fine. An example for the rest of us, perhaps? 

1. Dog and dolphin

Just about every day this hotel dog in Dublin races down the pier, trots down the steps and leaps into the water to meet Doogie, as the narrator has dubbed the harbor’s resident dolphin. In a daily ritual, the two swim and frolic together for several minutes. In this clip the play session ends when the marine mammal gets distracted by a boat and follows it back out to sea. Doggie swims back to shore and saunters off with its master.

2. Polar bears and dogs

These polar bears cradle the sled dogs as if they are infants. But, though fierce predators, they do not nosh on the animals. The two bears nibble on the animals’ fur, to be sure, but they are cuddling, not dining.

3. Zoo animals playing

These cuties, rescued from the tornado-damaged Garold Wayne Interactive Zoological Park in Oklahoma, rolled around together during that brief shining moment when they are all evenly matched. As someone points out in the Good Morning America version of this video, someday such a union will be impossible. But these innocents have not yet gotten the memo.

4. Cat and owl

Swooping and whooping, the owl teases the cat and then good-naturedly lets itself be batted about a bit. The cat, for its part, occasionally nuzzles its feathered friend as well. At times, they seem to resemble each other.

5. Dog and horse

This dog is a tease, but this frisky baby horse doesn’t seem to mind as it chases after the nimble canine and tries to snatch the fabric from its mouth in a hilarious game of keepaway. We won’t give away the ending.