'Change the Mascot' Campaign Turns Up the Heat; Goodell Is 'Listening'

September 12, 2013

The "Change the Mascot" campaign launched by the Oneida Indian Nation is running a new radio advertisement in cities where the Washington Redskins will be playing football games this season. In the ad, Oneida Indian Nation Representative Ray Halbritter addresses NFL fans. "When Washington’s team visits your city this week, there is something you should know," he says. "The word 'redskins' is deeply hurtful to Native Americans. It is what our people were called as our lands were taken."

To listen to an mp3 audio file of the latest ad, "Dictionary," visit changethemascot.org (or click here for a direct link to the mp3 file).

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is mentioned by name in the ad. He had previously offered the widely-held notion that "Redskins" is, as used by the Washington team, a positive term, denoting "strength, courage, pride and respect." But recently, Goodell seems to be reconsidering his view. "We have to listen," he said on a recent sports radio show. "If one person’s offended, we have to listen." But he added that "ultimately it is [Washington team owner Dan Snyder's] decision."

Halbritter commends Goodell on advancing the ball. "We are encouraged to see that Mr. Goodell is joining us and so many others in calling for a serious discussion about ending the Washington team's use of a racial slur," he said. "Mr. Goodell is absolutely right - it is time for the Washington team's owners to start listening."



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Michael Madrid
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I've started a cyber-protest of my own that I think concerned people might enjoy. I've been running a search of the Android Play Store (on my cell phone) for any Apps having to do with the Washington, Redskins. I download the App, then rate it and leave a comment that Redskin to a Native-American is the same as Nigger to an African-American. I ask fans if they would support a (n imaginary) team called the New York Niggers by wearing blackface to their games?

I'm sure I'm making a LOT of fans angry, but at least I gave them something to think about when they're trying to convince themselves that "they're really honoring us" by using racist terms and caricatures. I generally close my comment by saying that "Redskins" needs to go the route of "Little Black Sambo" and the "Frito Bandito."