Tipping Point: Fired Famous Dave's Server Says 'I Take Full Responsibility'

September 12, 2013

Former Famous Dave's server Andrea Casson says she doesn't know who created the sign that sparked outrage in Indian country, and never intended for the picture of her holding it to end up on Facebook. 

Nevertheless, she told KMOT-TV, she says that she understands that her termination was necessary. 

In Casson's recounting of the incident, the sign was found in the kitchen of the Bismarck, North Dakota Famous Dave's restaurant where she was working. She says that she held it up so that her friend, a co-worker, could send a Snapchat image of it. Snapchat is a phone app that allows a user to send a photo to contacts; the photo is supposed to disappear from the sender's and recipients' phones in ten seconds.

Though she denies creating the sign and posting the photo, Casson isn't saying she did nothing wrong. "I mean, [my friend] asked me to hold [the sign] up and I did. I could have said no. But I take full responsibility. It was something I chose to do."



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If she didn't agree with the improper intent of the sign, then why was she looking all pouty-faced in the photo? She got fired, which was just what she deserves.