Navajo Technical University
Students and staff try to prevent more damage to flooded buildings with sand bags.

University Pulls Together to Prevent More Flood Damage

September 15, 2013

Flooding hit the Crownpoint, New Mexico campus of Navajo Technical University on Friday, September 13. After damage to several buildings, university President Dr. Elmer J. Guy felt it necessary to cancel classes tomorrow.

When the flooding started several cars became engulfed with water requiring help from the Crownpoint Fire Department and the Navajo Nation police. The campus was evacuated but some university staff and students remained to tend to the flooded buildings with sand bags to prevent further damage.

“The quick response by the students and staff ended up crucial after the campus was flooded again Saturday night. Damage was limited because of the sand bag barricades, but all of NTU’s family units were asked to take refuge in NTU’s Hospitality Building—which was designated as a community shelter for those in need,” says a press release from the university.

No injuries were reported, but several families were relocated.

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