The Yurok Tribe's Redwood Hotel Casino is projected to create up to 100 new jobs. Hiring practices at both facilities will be governed by the Tribe’s Tribal Employment Rights Ordinance.

Yurok Seeks Logo, Brand Development, Website Design Pitches for New Hotel/Casino

September 16, 2013

On the same day the second floor of the Yurok Tribe’s hotel gave rise, the Yurok Tribal Council voted to approve a name for the new tribal enterprise. The hotel and casino project, which is scheduled to open in mid-May, will be called the Redwood Hotel Casino. The new name was selected to maximize web search-ability, which will be a major driving factor in the success of the project. The exterior of the resort-type business will model Yurok-specific architecture and the interiors of both the hotel and casino will include interpretive areas that showcase Yurok language and traditional stories.

Tribal members have opportunities to provide services for the new casino hotel project starting today.

Advertising agencies, graphic designers, signage companies, print vendors and web developers will be an essential part of the new hotel/casino project. Graphic designers are asked to present work samples as well as bids for logo and brand development. Those interested must be able to provide color artwork in an electronic format ready for multi-media uses. To be considered, work samples must be submitted along with three relevant work references. The deadline is September 20, 2013. Logo design bids can be emailed to [email protected]. The Tribal Employment Rights Ordinance applies to all positions.

Web designers interested in providing a bid for creating the casino/hotel website should email [email protected] for the complete RFP. The deadline for website bid submission is September 27, 2013. For further information relating to this and other hotel/casino jobs, please call Deana Scott at (707) 482-0771 at or email her at [email protected].

More hotel and casino jobs are coming soon. The opening of the new Redwood Casino Hotel in May means more jobs for Tribal members, including a range of entry level and supervisory positions. Since the new facility is a highly regulated business, employees will need a GED and must pass a high security gaming background check, which includes a credit and criminal history. Any member who needs assistance in completing their GED to prepare for these opportunities should call the Education Department at (707) 465-8305.

A Yurok Tribal member job fair is planned for January. However, members who need to complete their GED or need assistance with preparing for completing a Yurok Tribal Gaming packet should contact TERO Officer Donald Barnes, who is also encouraging members to update their TERO profile.