Louie Gong Limited-Edition Posters Help Seattle's Homeless Natives

September 17, 2013

Those interested in helping Seattle's homeless Native population can now do so by picking up a limited-edition, signed poster by Nooksack artist Louie Gong.

Proceeds from the posters, which are on sale at KessInHouse.com for $25 each, benefit Chief Seattle Club, an organization that provides food, services "a sacred space to nurture, affirm and renew the spirit of urban Native peoples." The poster design is Gong's "good morning" pattern, which features a pair of hummingbirds and a coffee cup that repeat seamlessly. (The pattern is currently the main motif of Gong's new housewares line, and is featured on blankets, pillows, and shower curtains -- check them out at eighthgeneration.com/collections/housewares.)

The 24"x36" posters have been produced in a limited edition of 200, and each will be signed by Gong.