Emergency contraceptive pills reduce your risk of pregnancy by about 88 percent. (http://ec.princeton.edu/info/ecminip.html)

IHS Providing Plan B to Native Women Age 17 and Over

September 20, 2013

A recent AP report confirms the Indian Health Service has expanded access to emergency contraception. Indian Country Today Media Network reported on IHS issuing a verbal directive to facilities to dispense Plan B without a consultation or prescription in May.

IHS provided this official statement to ICTMN: "Emergency contraception is available in IHS federally-run facilities."

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In September, IHS responded to the AP: “I want to reassure you that we have taken this issue seriously, and the IHS has, on several occasions this year, confirmed access to FDA-approved emergency contraceptive products in all IHS federally operated facilities with pharmacies."

The IHS is reportedly finalizing a written policy.

But the emergency contraception pill is limited to patients age 17 and over. At mainstream facilities, any woman age 15 and older who asks for it can obtain emergency contraception over the counter.

“We’ve made some progress, and we have to acknowledge that, but there’s still more,” Charon Asetoyer, the executive director of the Native American Community Board, told the AP. “They’re still violating our rights to access by denying women who are age 16 and under. We have to ask, why are we being treated differently?”

IHS plans to lift age restrictions to obtain emergency contraception once the Food and Drug Administration approves new labels for the project.



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Two Bears Growling
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That's ALL we need! Something to kill our unborn children & the future of our tribal nations. I can only see an exception to this if a female has been raped. Otherwise, it is merely another item for people to continue in their immorality & shameful lifestyle choices.

What we need to be seeing is people living in a good way, making choices that bring honor, respectability & show self-control. It seems to be something not based on ethnicity & skin color, but rather, lack of parenting & upbringing.

We need parents to start being parents & live the daily example of what it is to be responsible, respectable, honorable & human beings of integrity, versus mere base animals who live by the motto of if it feels good then do it.

Our Creator expects FAR more from us than being as such. If something doesn't bring honor, respect & integrity to the Great Spirit, our tribes, clans, families & individuals it is wrong & of the Evil One.

Each day Man Above allows us to open our eyes, get out of bed & take one more breath, we should live that day in all that we do, say & think in a such a way that brings honor & pride of a good way to the Great Spirit, our tribe, clan & family.

My friend, we are not our own creation, but that of the Creator. Each day is a gift & as such, we should live each day as wakan (holy). Every thing we do reflects either in a good way or a bad way on ourselves, our families, clans & tribes & brings either honor or dishonor to the Creator, our tribes, clans, families & ultimately ourselves.

Think about that my friends all across Indian Country the next time you get into a situation that could bring shame or disgrace to yourselves, family, clan or tribes. Honor or dishonor? Can you make the right choice today? It's ultimately YOUR choice my friends, but those choices may also cause the innocent to suffer the consequences of your decision in a moment of weakness.

Pray to the Great Spirit each day to give you the strength & wisdom to make the choices in your life that brings honor, respect & shows a life of integrity with each day you are blessed by the Creator to walk in this realm my friend.