'Unknown Warrior,' a Poem by Lynnette Haozous

Lynnette Haozous
September 20, 2013

Lynnette Haozous has previously graced this website in the guise of Lozen, a female Apache warrior who fought alongside Geronimo.  Acting is one of her creative pursuits, but Haozous (Chiricahua Apache/Navajo/Taos Pueblo) is also gaining notice for her art, which often incorporates poetry. Here's a poem stripped out of one of her paintings; scroll down to see it in its original multi-disciplinary format.

Unknown Warrior

He fights for me, You, Us,
The Cause, the future.
He hasn't forgotten the past,
Nor is he a cultural artifact,
He lives now, he fights now,
heed this new breed of warrior,
He fights the rez status quo;
"noble-savage, alcoholic, lazy redman".
He fights political inequality via quasi theocracy, rooted in custom , fear and superstitions.
He gets his strength from the Corn Maidens,
respecting his women, taking care of his children.
So he sees with wide and clear eyes,
his "indianness" is not fully Americanized,
he stems from the Center of the Universe,
fighting against all odds, he stands here,
against convoluted history, bigotry,
cultural dilution, Delusions!
He fights for unity,
For the day when the community can once again
hold hands n celebrate,
in positivity of victory
for our future history,
standing together in common effort,
like the day when we returned our sacred Blue Lake.
Here he stands alert,
he fights, this unknown warrior,
a new generation of thinker.
He is of the now, he is of here,
Where the Red Willow Grow,
he fights, as long as the river runs clear.

--Lynnette Haozous 2012