Suzette Brewer
Dusten Brown with his daughter Veronica, then 3, in Nowata, Oklahoma.

Capobiancos Sue Dusten Brown for Nearly Half a Million in Fees

Suzette Brewer
September 25, 2013

As Matt and Melanie Capobianco took possession of Veronica Brown on Monday night, another court action was brewing behind the scenes. Today, their lawyers in South Carolina are in court seeking fines, attorneys' fees and expenses totaling approximately $500,000 from Dusten Brown.

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Brown, a member of the Oklahoma National Guard who served in Iraq, was forced to turn over his biological daughter to them after the failed visitation “negotiations” last week. On the presumption that the couple's attorneys were looking for a set of deep pockets from which to profit, the Cherokee Nation is also named in the action; however, according to tribal attorneys, the tribe is not a part of the contempt order and therefore not obligated to pay the Capobiancos. Additionally, they noted that the Capobiancos have no jurisdiction to sue the tribe and that the Cherokee Nation is protected under the 11th amendment granting them sovereign immunity from civil actions seeking damages and financial compensation.

But for Dusten Brown the suit has potentially devastating consequences. Costs outlined in the contempt action include fines of up to $32,000 a day, in addition to be forced to pay for the Capobiancos' living expenses while in Oklahoma. With a modest income and few assets, friends and insiders acknowledge that he has little chance of ever paying that kind of bill.

“They just took the most precious thing in his life, and now here they are trying to take what's left,” says Shannon Jones, Brown's South Carolina attorney. “Let me tell you, he is devastated right now. He just lost his daughter—probably for good. And here they are kicking this man while he is down. They're not only kicking him, they're trying to destroy his life.”

Jones says that she and the rest of Brown's legal team, including the Supreme Court practitioners, have been working pro bono for Brown for years, because he could not afford to pay them the ever-mounting legal fees in the fight for his daughter. Additionally, it is widely known that the Capobiancos' legal team has also been working pro bono, including Lisa Blatt, who argued their case before the Supreme Court.

The broader message that the Capobiancos and their legal team are sending, however, is to make an example of Dusten Brown and the Cherokee Nation.

“The message here is 'Don't mess with the all-powerful adoption industry, and don't even think about trying to enforce the Indian Child Welfare Act,'” says Jones. “The message is clear that they are trying to threaten and intimidate tribes from attempting to enforce their rights under the law. They're saying, 'This is what's going to happen to you if you try to protect your children.'”

Jones said that the Absentee Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma has already indicated a reluctance to proceed with litigation on behalf of Baby Deseray, one of their tribal members who is currently living illegally with another adoptive couple in South Carolina, because they are concerned about the potential consequences and financial fall-out from witnessing the tragic course of events in Adoptive Couple v. Baby Girl.

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“I hope that they do proceed because Deseray's case is similar, but we have a different concern as a tribe,” says Jana Snake, the infant's aunt who is a member of the Absentee Shawnee. “We only have 3,900 tribal members left and we are rapidly dying out. Out of all my cousins, we only have one boy to carry on the Snake name. If we lose Deseray, what kind of message does that send to our tribe? We have to fight for her.”

In the meantime, as Dusten Brown reels from the biggest loss in his life, he is confronted with paying again—perhaps for years to come.



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Two Bears Growling
Submitted by Two Bears Growling on

These folks are REALLY showing the kind of evil people they really are! The more they show what a piece of work they are the more the whole world is going to see them for what they are: EVIL TO THE CORE!

I would say I hope something bad happens to them, but I don't even have to worry about that all because the Great Spirit IS going to make their worse nightmares come to life. All who have had a part in this crime of child theft are also going to have some very bad things happen to them & those they care about the most.

The Creator is the final judge & jury to the wicked of this world. Some of them get their just dues while they are still living & some of them get it on the Judgement Day. Still, some of them get it now & the hereafter!

Rest assured there is no escaping the punishment these evil ones are going to be facing! Man Above judges all evil & wicked people!

Celeste Coddington Cortes
Celeste Codding...
Submitted by Celeste Codding... on

The decision behind Veronica Brown’s Custody was determined years before she was even born.
The few people who have never been a victim of the 21 century child trafficking ring in America’s Family and,or juvenile court, live under a rock and have very limited social interaction with others, will not be able to understand how that is possible.
For the majority of the people who have not been living under a rock and knows a victim or is a victim will understand.

Veronica’s biological mother is a Victim, that excepted the reality that this BEAST has unlimited range on children and there fore chose to not waste energy that could be used to “protect” Veronica. Instead she decided to try to beat them to the punch so she could “pick” the family and prevent any unneeded “ emotional torture” of Veronica. Veronica wanted her child but Loved this child so much she pulled what I call a “MOISES”
" But when she could hide him no longer, she got a papyrus basket[a] for him and coated it with tar and pitch. Then she placed the child in it and put it among the reeds along the bank of the Nile."

Veronica’s biological mother was victimized by the family court in their “cottage Industry” after a separation of a former relationship that resulted in children. Once you are a victim you are “labeled” and every child you have after is automatically on the list to be “trafficked”. The case formulation in this case is “middle class- Divorce/separation with child/ren” This formulation is where the Court will used corrupt court evaluators, Gaurdian ad litum etc... to conspire to paint the parent with strongest bond with the children, as crazy, delusional,bipolar, etc.... and therefore a Danger. The court will then extort as much money from both set of parents using the children as tools to keep both parents pumping money to their conspirators. The Parent (Veronica’s Mother) will have to hold down 2-3 jobs in order to pay the 250.00 (average) an hour fee to visit the children for one hour, evaluations, child support, court fees etc....
Veronica's mother wanted to protect her new child , her children and her self from any more harm from this Juvenile/family court. The new added cost of child support and visits in a second round, would be the straw that broke the “camels back” . Not only would this “cottage Industry” make Veronica’s life hell it would prevent her from being able to pay the money extorted from her in the older children’s case to visit them. She knew not matter how bad she wanted to keep her the reality of being in this monster grip is what it is. A person can only make so much money because their is only 24 hrs in a day and even if you sleep only 2 hrs that leaves only 21 hrs to work and 1 to get their minus the 1hr visit a month/week your working for.

What is so Ironic is even though Veronica went to great links Conspiring with another Juvenile/Family court with out any Juridiction to “traffic” Veronica in the “Cottage Industry” under the case formulation that Veronica’s Mother thought would protect her from the hell of the “ middle class divorce/separation formulation” she ended up in Battle far worst which created and even bigger Hell for Veronica.

This is the NEW world we live in, in America. The Judges from family court to the Supreme Court do not have to follow the law and can use their courts for trafficking, money laundry and what ever even Pass legislation when congress will not vote for it, and NO ONE can stop them. The only thing we can do is Participate in the trafficking and use your “wits” and try to manipulate the system to help traffic your children into the best “case formulation” you can get for them and hope like hell it doesn’t back fire like in The Veronica case. Veronica’s mother took advantage of the fact Veronica’s father had no understanding of the system and tricked him into giving up custody because Veronica father would have never gave it up for an adoption because he like the rest of us would have experienced Normal biasy and would not realized she is NOT paranoid that this BEAST really is what people say it is, until it was too late. If you have been following the case. WE rest our case!!!!!

Because this case has violated sooo many anti trafficking laws and is clear out child trafficking and unlike other cases NOT hidden behind the secretcy of family/juvenile court but being covered by massive media for the world to see and they still carrying on with no accountability for their crimes against humanity. PROVES!!!! Veronica’s Mother is not Paranoid because of mental illness but because THEY REALLY ARE AFTER OUR CHILDREN TO TRAFFIC in the “cottage Industry” at all cost!
I hope Senator Cruz manipulation of the system to keep America from being forced into adopting Obamacare by the Supreme Court doesn't back fire as well. What ever happened to just following the Law?

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Submitted by hesutu on

The Capobiancos are liars, thieves, kidnappers, abusers, and represent the most depraved psychotic insidious satanic evil that exists.

What can be done to stop the ongoing abuse and terrorism inflicted against our peoples. It is 2013, 521 years of this ongoing. There is no sign of it abating, the crimes are as depraved as ever.

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Submitted by Hubert on

Baby Veronica having to return to people that are not her family just saddens me. It's just disgusting. Now the adoptive couple is sueing for nearly a half million dollars. That right there just proves that their actions and heart were never for best interest and love for Baby Veronica. The adoptive couple claims they love her. What parent that desires to love and raise their child wants money for having to fight for their child? I've never met a parent that wanted to sue someone for having to fight for their child. That's just disgraceful. Its been about win/lose to this was a game to was never about Veronica. If it was about Veronica you would go live and focus on the well being of Veronica, but no you'd rather focus on being reimbursed for having to fight for her... Well Mr and Mrs Capobiancos, you may have won in the courts eyes....but do you think you won in Gods eyes? You fought to take a child away from where she truly belongs...proud of yourself? Lets see how Veronica feels about you when she grows up and understands what you have done... You may have taken her from her true home...but believe me she will return one day and she will know the truth...I pray that God and Veronica forgive you. If your actions cause someone else pain, then it's your sin. God forgive you.

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Submitted by builds-the-fire on

I had to calm down after I first read this article. I do not know the Brown family, but reading what they are trying to do to this man makes me angry. They have taken one of the most dearest things on this earth from him, and that being depriving him of his relationship with his daughter--his own flesh and blood--when he has obviously proven himself to be a fit and loving father. Now they want to sue him?

How on earth could any sane person view the Capobiancos as loving parents when they are trying to, trying to kill...”their daughter's" biological father? If they succeed in killing him, well then I'm sure their little press agent will have them in front of a camera claiming "poor little Veronica only has". Any sane person would find the Capobiancos and anyone advising them sickening.

The Capobiancos and their advisors are the very definitions of disgusting and evil. I pray that the evil that the Capobiancos and their advisors are trying to do to Dusten Brown be the evil that comes upon them all 10-fold.

From the beginning these people have acted without honor. Jesus, please do not let them succeed even one more day. Please Lord, send an angel to intercede on behalf of Dusten Brown and his daughter, Veronica Brown. If any justice comes to this case, it can only be by your hand Lord Jesus. Please intercede.

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Submitted by Jawja on

The Copabianca's are evil. This sort of vindictive, scheming action does not depict a character compatible with nurturing a child. Most of these attorney's fees were pro bono, to aid adoption agency processes. I cannot believe the people of South Carolina are aware what is happening in their court systems. This sounds like the Tennessee adoption mill that sold babies for so many years, one famously sold to Joan Crawford. And, we know how that ended. "Mommie Dearest".