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We Were Barred From Posting Today! What Facebook Didn't Want You to See

September 27, 2013

What did we do wrong, Facebook? ICTMN’s page got banned from posting for violating Facebook’s “terms of services” after  we posted a photo of Lakota grandmothers holding the flag they had seized from Neo-Nazis  who recently made a crazy attempt to establish an all-white community in Leith, North Dakota. 

Craig Cobb–a nationally known white supremacist–and members of the National Socialist Movement (NSM), briefly invaded the village with the intention of taking over the local government.

Cobb, too, has a dream, and his dream is to make Leith a racist haven, a place where white supremacists can run free, take over the city government and fly their Nazi flags. 

However, that dream is not shared by everyone. On Monday, September 22, over 300 people, including many American Indians, held a peaceful rally protesting the Neo-Nazo takeover. 

Protesters chanted slogans and demanded that members of the National Socialist Movement and the like “go back to Germany.” At one point, a few Lakota grandmothers picked up the white supremacists’ Neo-Nazi flag and posed for a photo while flashing a peace sign. Nice picture, nice sentiment, right?

It is that photo of Lakota elders with a captured flag that got us in trouble! We received a message from Facebook about violating their terms of service, even though the photo was obviously... oh never mind. 

Earlier, the same photo was posted on the Last Real Indians Facebook page, but was taken down as well. 




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People that are afraid or ignorant or whatever do awful things which makes us all divided.

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Two Bears Growling
Submitted by Two Bears Growling on

I don't know about Facebook matters, but I do know that every time this evening I have tried to access ICTNM I get a warning from Microsoft to not proceed here due to your security certificate being expired.

I have also heard through the Indian grapevine some time ago that some other websites that are native related are having this to happen as well.

I smell a rat going on & our constitutional freedom of speech rights being violated! First Nations legal teams, how about getting on this ASAP!

Friends of Indian Country Today News Media, just ignore the Microsoft warnings & come on over here!

Stand up & be counted as a supporter of our constitutionally supported rights to assemble & have freedom of speech!

Stand up for your rights my friends!


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