A still from the NASA's video depiction of what the next 90 or so years will wreak upon Mother Earth unless humans change their habits.

Scary Video by NASA Brings U.N. Climate Change Predictions to Life


In concert with the report released by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change on Friday September 27, NASA has released a video showing the upcoming changes graphically, from space.

It is unnerving to see our tiny little planet twirling around from afar while ice melts, sea levels rise and temperatures skyrocket, all shown with varying colors in animation demonstrating what will become real by the end of the 21st century if the human race does not stop changing the greenhouse-gas balance.

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The vulnerability of Mother Earth is underscored by the eerily monotone voiceover. The video narrative covers it all: the drop in the ice’s sunlight reflectivity, the boost in temperatures, the accelerated melting—all in a very graphic, visual form. Then it goes into the increasing intensity of storms, the rising sea levels and even some that will drop, such as the Mediterranean.

Warming effects will be most pronounced in the north of the globe—making Turtle Island a prime hot spot. 

But we already knew that.

What remains to be seen is how seriously world governments will take this latest report.