Opponents of Racist D.C. Mascot to Hold Event at NFL Fall Meeting


The Oneida Indian Nation is taking its ‘Change the Mascot’ campaign a step further.

On Monday, October 7th, the Nation plans to convene in Washington, D.C. to hold a public conference calling on the NFL and its teams to end the use of the slur, Redskins.

The conference, which will be held in the Ritz Carlton, in the same hotel as the NFL’s Fall Meeting, is open to the public and press.

This conference comes just weeks after the Nation broadcast its “Change the Mascot” radio advertisements, and months after students at Cooperstown Central School District in Cooperstown, New York, made national news by voting to change their teams’ name from ‘Redskins’ to the ‘Hawkeyes.’

"As proud sponsors of the NFL, we are encouraged by how many leaders are standing up, speaking out and joining the grassroots effort to get the Washington team to do the right thing and change its name," said Oneida Indian Nation Representative Ray Halbritter in an earlier news release.

The Nation, along with U.S. Lawmakers: Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-District of Columbia), Betty McCollum (D-Minnesota), and special guests hope to spur a discussion that will lead to change.

“We should be treated as what we are: Americans,” Halbritter said.


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Michael Madrid's picture
Michael Madrid
Submitted by Michael Madrid on
I followed this story for a couple of years before I got serious about helping change the team name. I wish I could be there in D.C. when the Oneida confront Snyder (IN CAPS). My heart and prayers will be there and I urge anyone who DOES attend to be very careful. I've engaged and enraged Redskins fans and I believe there is great potential for violence. Take care of each other and good luck.

Americans's picture
Submitted by Americans on
Give up your federal subsidies before asking to be treated like "Americans."

Culture Mix's picture
Culture Mix
Submitted by Culture Mix on
I will be there in SUPPORT,..as anyone who cares about civil rights in this country should be !

Does it matter's picture
Does it matter
Submitted by Does it matter on
My wife is a native American Indian. We're more offended by any discussion to change the historic team name as we are by your headline (that it is racist). Why should the majority (the 90% who say keep the name as is) give in to your minority viewpoint?

Don't want to fuss's picture
Don't want to fuss
Submitted by Don't want to fuss on
If native Americans are offended, for goodness sake, change the name. Most European Americans would be happy to have them call the "Whites" or even "Paleskins". I am of that group. I officially give permission for those names.