7 Ridiculous Google Search Questions About Native Americans


These questions were either submitted algorithmically or by seriously confused folks sitting at their computers with nothing better to do. 


1.     Do Native Americans Pay Income Tax?

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2.     Are Native Americans Indian?

The search results pulled up this query: Do Native Americans Originate from India?

See (map) above from times before pilgrims landed.


3.     Do Native Americans have body hair?

Even if it was an ‘accidental Google’ (where you type in the first few words and then something else pops up, but you accidentally click on it), why is this a searchable term?

It’s Wikipiedia, but nevertheless, read here


4.     Why do Native Americans look white?

This is the part where the person placing the search clicks on the ‘image’ bar on Google.

Here’s the first image (above) it found about cultural assimilation


5.     Why do Native Americans wear feathers?

These guys might know.

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6.     Do Native Americans get free money?

No they make their own.  Read this


7.     Do Native Americans live in teepees still?

The ridiculous part of this search is the word still.  The short answer is that circumstances have removed Indians from their tipis. (P.S. Not all Native Americans lived in tipis.) 

The better answer is: read the book. 

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Jim Pease
Submitted by Jim Pease on

simple answer...Nope!...use as you see fit those clowns won't know the difference.

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j. nicholas
Submitted by j. nicholas on

aboriginals in Canada pay taxes which is a direct violation of all treaties agreed to, gst 5%. british north American act: Canada my make laws to govern their people not other nations that exist there