NTU archer Filiberto "Beto" Vecenti takes aim at a target during team practice.

Native Archer Takes First Place at USCAA Championships


Filberto “Beto” Vecenti shot his way to first place in the USCAA 3-D North Region Archery Championships.

“Beto was on,” said Clyde Henderson, Vecenti archery coach in a news release. “The 3-D course was different to him, but he shot well. He didn’t miss a target.”

Vecenti, an environmental science major at Navajo Technical University, paced his team, the Skyhawks, at the regional event after failing to place in the top ten last season. He was ranked 22nd in the country in the male recurve division of the U.S. Collegiate Archery Association when he competed for Dine’ College. But this year he redeemed himself, as the first place finisher.

“With his category, it takes a lot of skill,” Henderson said. “You don’t have the extra pins for sighting compared to bow hunter and compound divisions.”

This is the second year that NTU has competed in the USCAA. The tournament comprised of more than 40 archers from colleges across the country including, Michigan State University, the University of Kentucky, and Southern Illinois College.  

Last year, the team shot stationary and used Olympic style targets to compete, but this year they shot on a 3-D course. “They have a lot more to judge during a 3-D shoot,” said Henderson, in a news release. “There a lot of foliage that you have to shoot through, and the 3-D animals sit at different elevations. You have to judge the distance, and the place of the animal, rather than having a set distance through the Olympic style.”

In addition to Vecenti, NTU had two archers finish in the top five. Dudley Larrison placed second in the recurve division behind Vecenti, and Collins Woodly placed fifth in the competitive bow hunter division.

The team will be traveling to the University of Missouri in Columbia, Missouri, to compete in the 3-D U.S. Indoor Archery Championships at the end of this week.