Chasing Ice
The shadowy spot in the center of this still from the documentary Chasing Ice is where the glacier is starting to collapse and break apart.

Video: Calving Glacier in 'Chasing Ice' Bears Chilling Witness to the Big Melt


Though the James Balog documentary Chasing Ice narrowly missed getting an Oscar Award for best original song—“Before My Time,” written by J. Ralph and rendered by Scarlett Johansson and Joshua Bell—the movie itself is still touring and resonating around the world.

To make the feature-length film, Balog put together time-lapse photography into the documentary, which was directed by Jeff Orlowski. Described as “terse but comprehensive” by the Sundance Film Festival, the movie won the Excellence in Cinematography award when it premiered there earlier this year.

The clip below is especially compelling in light of a slew of recent findings about the ice at both poles, especially when it comes to things like the Eiffel Tower–sized tunnels discovered underneath Antarctica by researchers at the University of Essex in England and announced on October 6. While calving is a regular part of glacial life, the frequency and scope may be increasing, both feeding into and being exacerbated by a changing climate. 

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