Columnist Lampoons Dan Snyder's Letter to Redskins Fans


Sally Jenkins of the Washington Post has penned a parody of the letter that Redskins season ticketholders began receiving from owner Daniel Snyder yesterday. While Snyder's missive was notable for a vastly more civil tone than some other public statements he's made, it offered no particular indication that a name change might happen. A kinder, gentler deaf ear is still a deaf ear.

Snyder's letter began and ended with an emphasis on all the wonderful memories -- his own, and those of Redskins fans -- that are apparently dependent upon the name persisting. Jenkins spoofs the notion that Snyder's memories are more important than those of other people, and also reminds her readers that Snyder is a billionaire owner, not the fan on the street. Everything connected to the Redskins has great value for Snyder -- some sentimental value, and a lot of dollar-value. Some highlights of Jenkins' Snyder impersonation:

"As the Owner and a lifelong hero worshipper, here is what I believe, and why I believe it: If something is personally nostalgic to me, it isn’t racist."

"In my experience, the worst thing you can do about a problem is pay attention to it."

"I still remember the first time I went to a [Redskins] game. I was only six. I will never forget going through the tunnel into the stadium, and being struck by the enormity of all that licensing revenue opening up before me. When we scored a touchdown, and the crowd roared, I literally felt the thunder of all that cash."

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