A version of the Washington Griffins logo created by designer Zamzami for a contest at

Hail to the... Griffins? Contest Picks 8 Subs for Washington Redskins


When it comes to changing the Washington football team's mascot and logo, Natives who feel "Redskins" is a harmful racial slur aren't the only ones whose feelings must be considered. There are also the Washington fans. If the mascot and logo must go -- and we're pretty certain it must, and will -- there is the matter of deciding what should replace it. The website, which pits graphic designers against each other to create logos and branding for real businesses (that pay real money), solicited ideas from its community of over 250,000 registered users, and received 1,931 entries. A panel narrowed the field to the eight finalists below; to vote for your favorites go to "Game on, Redskins logo!" at The winner will be announced next week.