6 Celebrities Who Don’t Believe Christopher Columbus Discovered America


There may be many more celebrities who do not believe Christopher Columbus discovered America. But, nevertheless, here are six who have tweeted about it.

1.    The “Magna Carta Holy Grail” rapper was asked by one of his fans about the inspiration behind his singles "Oceans" and "Heaven." Jay-z replied, “#factsonly Columbus didn’t discover America." Guess Mr. Carter won’t be celebrating on Monday. @S_C_

2.    Ellen DeGeneres wrote "Happy Columbus Day! I hope everyone takes the day to appreciate our country and of course, look for new continents." DeGeneres didn’t say she doesn’t believe Columbus discovered America, but she tossed us a joke anyway. @TheEllenShow

3.    Singer Eric Benet, Halle Berry’s ex-husband, doesn’t believe in the sanctity of marriage—he allegedly apologized to his ex-wife in a song for his many indiscretions--or that Columbus discovered America. He Tweeted, “How bout a festival to celebrate Columbus Day! Kiddies can dress in costumes and pretend to enslave n kill millions of people. FUN!!” @EBenet

4.    Comedian Warren Holstein took a shot at Columbus’ and ‘Mr. West’s’ ego. “Remember, Columbus didn’t actually discover America, it was Kanye.” @WarrenHolstein

5.    Roland Martin, CNN contributor and host of Washington Watch, got into a political debate about Columbus when he responded to a tweet from @etcpolitics who wrote: “I have an issue that that the Italians claim him as theirs when he sailed for Spain and his descendants are Spaniards.” Martin responded, “I don't care what the Italians or Spaniards do. Columbus didn't discover America. It was already discovered.” @RolandSMartin

6.    Former Destiny’s Child band member, Michelle Williams posed this question: “What r ur thoughts on this day that we celebrate as Columbus Day? Some ppl say he didn't discover America...well who did? Debate starts now.” @RealMichelleW