Download This Anti-Fracking Protest Poster by Artist Gregg Deal


Yesterday, as we were posting the excellent video project artist Gregg Deal (Pyramid Lake Paiute) has been cooking up, he was taking note of the chaos in Canada near Rexton, New Brunswick. He was inspired to make the poster below, which he offers as a free, open source image for anyone who cares to show solidarity with the protestors. Suitable for Facebook and Twitter posts, profile photos, or even framing -- right-click or ctrl-click (Mac) to download it in high resolution (file is 1728 x 2592 pixels, 1.19 MB):

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moringsky 's picture
Submitted by moringsky on
it is a poignant as daisies in the ends of rifles during Vietnam war protest thank you for the poster

Jean 'Tahato' Ashton's picture
Jean 'Tahato' Ashton
Submitted by Jean 'Tahato' Ashton on
We are of Mother Nature, and to protect and care for Mother Nature is to care for ourselves and our children. Being of Chippewa and Bavarian descent I am all supporting of stopping this horrid process that contaminates the water table and destroys the structure of bedrock that supports the upper terra surace.

Debbie Tozer's picture
Debbie Tozer
Submitted by Debbie Tozer on
In the name of mother earth and all of it's living creatures. Let's all stand in peace for our rights to protect the only planet, we have to live and breath on. Together we can stop the multicorporated and corrupted control of the gouverment and all of it's nonsense. Just keep on praying and standing up for a better world in a near futur.... crossing my fingers because the clock is ticquing and the time is now!

Theresa Varner's picture
Theresa Varner
Submitted by Theresa Varner on
Some human beings poison they're self's and children with the things they put in processed foods, some try to make every one use chemically induced seeds , some kill the bees with pesticides, some take others land in the name of manifest destiny then promises them a little piece of it as there own till the grass grows no more, then suck the fluids out of mother earths veins in the name of progress then try to make you do the same with what they gave they're word was yours ! These kind of people destroy them selves every one around them and our mother earth all for money which has become their God. These people need a lot of prayer before they kill us all and our mother earth, they don't have the knowledge or are they capable of understanding that we can't live with out her, these people are sick, they need a lot of prayer.

Mark D'Arcy, Fredericton, N.B.'s picture
Mark D'Arcy, Fr...
Submitted by Mark D'Arcy, Fr... on
Thank you Gregg Deal for your powerful artwork. This is such an inspiration to all of the communities here in New Brunswick, and beyond! What happened at the RCMP assault on October 17, 2013 will go down as a pivotal event in the beginning of the end for the shale gas industry in this province. The world is now watching our police state, and our political corruption, finally hit a wall of resistance. As an activist who has witnessed the Canadian and New Brunswick governments work in tandem with the shale gas industry, to systematically dismantle the environmental protection of our wetlands, rivers, watersheds, and airsheds, exploration of shale can not be allowed to start. And as a parent who is desperately worried about the climate future of my daughter, exploration of shale can not be allowed to start. There is nothing to negotiate. NO SHALE GAS. In solidarity, Mark D'Arcy, Fredericton, New Brunswick

Marlies Labude's picture
Marlies Labude
Submitted by Marlies Labude on
have undersigned all petitions that supposes indigenious rights. I will do everything I can do from Germany. Cross fingers for all your actions. :-) <3

Alison Waters's picture
Alison Waters
Submitted by Alison Waters on
This is a truly amazing image - an iconic image of our times and for times to come. I will proudly display this image and support the words on this poster. This picture really does speak 1000 and many more words! Thank you Gregg Deal for allowing us to download this image.

Michael Madrid's picture
Michael Madrid
Submitted by Michael Madrid on
Thanks for the poster! Thanks for sharing. I'll put the fracking thing up by my desk. ;)