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Video: They Rode for Unci Maka, Grandmother Earth


They rode for Unci Maka, Grandmother Earth.

Earlier this month, two groups rode on horseback, Ojibwe and Lakota, roughly tracing the routes of two contested oil pipeline projects: the notorious Keystone XL, by TransCanada, and another one by Enbridge.

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This is what they rode in opposition to. What did they ride for?

“Why do we do this horseback ride while it is raining and snow is in the forecast?” said the organizers in a statement before the ride, which ended on October 16. “To stop the KXL Pipeline, Heavy Hauls, to leave uranium in the ground, for Unci Maka and sacred water! For our relatives to the north!”

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This video spells it out and shows why, even after these roads have been traveled, they will need to be traversed again, and again. 

That shows the fight from the ground. Check out Mother Earth from space, in all her frailty and fossil-fuel-generated ornamentation, in the related story below.

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I praise your efforts to stop this intrusion upon your native lands. There are other sources for energy, that come from the earth like wind and sun. As a Wild Horse Warrior fighting to free wild horses from the BLM and USFS Managing to Extinction programs, I support your fight to free yourself from government and corporate greed. Oil and gas fracking damages and forever poisons the natural water tables. What is your position on wild horses being sold for slaughter?