Photo by Tarrice Love
Martin Sensmeier photographed in New York by Tarrice Love. See below for full version of the image.

Model Martin Sensmeier Hearts Moose. Plus: Moose Heart


Actor, model, and youth advocate Martin Sensmeier has made a couple of cameo appearances at ICTMN, as the visuals for two recent Gyasi Ross columns ("Using Tradition to Teach Our Kids Purpose"and "The Redskins Issue"), but he has bigger gigs going than that. The native (and Native, Tlingit and Koyukon-Athabascan) of Yakutat, Alaska, who not too many years ago was working oil rigs in below-freezing temperatures, gave ICTMN an update on his life and work.

What are you up to at the moment?

I'm at home right now in Yakutat, Alaska, hunting moose -- which has been successful! We got one the other day, but I'll be headed back south in a few days to get back to the grind.

Martin Sensmeier: 'Good morning! YakutatAK' source:

Right -- when you're done with moose, what's next?

I'm going to be filming two short films in the next few weeks, one of which is a SAG film, and also i'll be in Los Angeles for some modeling meetings with the top agencies out there. As of now, I'm represented by BENZ Models. I recently had a successful trip to NYC, where I had the privileged opportunity to shoot with Tarrice Love (, who is one of the very best photographers in the industry in the world of NYC modeling. I am thankful to have been given these opportunities, and to have great people behind me, helping me succeed in my pursuits.

Martin Sensmeier photographed in New York City by Terrice Love.

You've been working with Native communities as well -- can you tell us about that?

I also have a youth conference coming up that i'll be participating in as a member of Native Wellness Institute. They have a facebook group as well. We do work in the name of well-being for our native people throughout the US and Canada.

Martin Sensmeier: 'Home.' Source:

Keep up with Martin Sensmeier at and

Martin Sensmeier: 'I love moose heart' Source:

Martin Sensmeier: 'Eat Organic.' Source:

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sandra stone's picture
sandra stone
Submitted by sandra stone on
You are a very handsome man i think you have the qualities to try out for 50 shades of grey

Gloria Monroe's picture
Gloria Monroe
Submitted by Gloria Monroe on
gross, I'm not a fan of hunting. If we allowed their natural predators to thrive, there would be NO need to cull any herds.

Heather Kejick's picture
Heather Kejick
Submitted by Heather Kejick on

ruth ann 's picture
ruth ann
Submitted by ruth ann on
is that how you keep such a beautiful body composure, by eating moose meat. love it.

deedee's picture
Submitted by deedee on
So handsome. Wish him great success in all he does. He def. has movie star quality, hope to see him more in television & movies. Thanks.

Jan Charwood's picture
Jan Charwood
Submitted by Jan Charwood on
Great pics. Would like to more history such as his age, who he hunts with and where we may have seen him in the past. Miigwitch

Rynda Sandoval's picture
Rynda Sandoval
Submitted by Rynda Sandoval on
WOW .. Good Reading . Keep up the great work .. And Modeling . ..Thanks for sharing . Love Alaska . Wish I could go once ..

donna's picture
donna courtorei...
Submitted by donna courtorei... on
hi! Martin, must of been great heading home to visit family and hunt for moose, sounds so manly, We were unfortunate on the Long weekend in September, on our way home we hit a Bullmoose, luckily we were travelling at 80km, he was so gigantic, at least 10ft long and 2 tons, his antlers were 6ft wide,just by looking at him I was in shock, at what we hit, we are ok, but the moose, he was down on his front legs, and got up and fled into the dark night, just had to tell you this..Fall belongs to the Natives, usually it called Indian summer but starts in September..well we are sending well wishes from the NWT, take care.

Sherry Blevins's picture
Sherry Blevins
Submitted by Sherry Blevins on
do you second skin moose like I do deer (remove the muceous membrane around all the muscles so the adrenaline won't cause this material to bubble and swell which makes the meat tougher (maybe gamier), I don't know I LOVE venison

Giizhigookwe's picture
Submitted by Giizhigookwe on
Martin Sensmeir is not only one of the most handsome men on earth he also has heart, mind and a spirit which shines...Go Martin!

Magiraven's picture
Submitted by Magiraven on
Your pics are amazing..... Really, your spirit is akin to mine, though we are worlds apart.... Right on Martin you really have it sussed and I wish you luck in all your endeavours...

Judith Schiller's picture
Judith Schiller
Submitted by Judith Schiller on
Organic is the only way to eat...much happiness to you, Martin.

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