The 28-foot-high Indians logo, was donated to WRHS in 1994 when the Cleveland Indians moved from Municipal Stadium to (then) Jacob’s Field.

Cleveland Indians Do Self-Serving Survey About “Chief Wahoo”


The Cleveland Indians MLB team is surveying fans about their attitudes toward the team’s “Chief Wahoo” logo.

According to NBC Sports, the team sent surveys to people who purchased tickets through its website or are registered users of the site. At least three questions focus on the the team’s logo.

Under a picture of the “Chief Wahoo” caricature, fans are asked if they “agree or disagree” with statements like, “This logo reflects the heritage of the Indians” and “This logo makes me proud of the Indians.”

The Indians have said that they are not considering any changes to the logo, but are interested in fan sentiment on the matter, according to NBC Sports.

The Indians also acknowledge that not everyone is enamored with “Chief Wahoo,” whose red skin and wide grin is offensive to many. The team said that they have had discussions with “people of all races” about the logo.

"What we like to share in these discussions is the concept of individual perception,” said Bob DiBiasio, Indians senior vice president of public affairs back in August. “We firmly believe when people look at (the Chief Wahoo logo), they think baseball.”

The Cleveland American Indian Movement said the caricature and the team name is racist toward Native Americans. In fact, AIM protested the use of the logo and name at the Indians’ season opener in April against the Yankees.

The logo was created by the J.S. Novak Company in 1947 at the urging of then-owner Bill Veeck.

To view the survey, click here.