A 7-Year-Old's Halloween Message: 'I Am a Human Being, Not a Costume'


We grownups can tend to be falsely polite -- speaking or writing persuasively when what we really want to do is give orders. This seven-year-old girl (artist Gregg Deal's daughter) isn't so constrained.

"Don't dress up as an Indian," she says, after telling us how much she likes Halloween. "It hurts me, my people, and my culture." Deal has posted the video with the hashtag #iamnotacostume, as a follow up of sorts to his previous #changethename videos (which you can see here).



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Oh, come on now! This is ridiculous! And Stupid! Sorry, people who feel like this are way too self-centered. What she is saying would be like telling people not to dress up like a cowboy or a politician or a WWE wrestler or an even an angel! Indians are part of our country's heritage and if she is referring to the 'bad' parts, well, it did happen just as there really were good and bad cowboys! I used to dress up as an Indian all the time when I was a kid; I loved the idea of being an Indian, living off the land as they did. (And yeah, in my play acting, I got shot by the cowboys alot!) But such a proud people!

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I am shocked that Americans dress like Indians for halloween, but then Americans are very shocking. Not suprising really, it is in their roots. Shame the native Indians were not still in control of America, It would be a much better place. One love X

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Hello Sage :) I like Halloween too. I applaud you for standing up and speaking out. It took courage and you did a very good job :) Don't sell yourself or abilities short. People need to know that when they do things like this, it's not only disrespectful but hurtful too. You will go far. Keep speaking up, speaking out, and educating. It's the only way things will change. Happy Halloween :)

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trisha eagle
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Even a child can see and understand that this is a bad thing. Why do the adults have such a hard time understanding?

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I personally disagree with this because halloween isn't about offending people, cultures etc. It's about kids dressing up as something they admire. Most kids choose a costume based on something or someone they can relate to, they want to be like or they want to do when they grow up. Kids dress up like Buzz Lightyear, as the girl from the movie Brave, as a fireman, as a police officer and even dress up as a cowboy or an indian. Halloween is about fun, not judgement.