Lac du Flambeau First to Ratify Tribal Internet Gaming Alliance Treaty


Lac du Flambeau First to Ratify Tribal Internet Gaming Alliance Treaty On Thursday, October 17, the Lac du Flambeau Tribal Council voted unanimously to ratify the Tribal Internet Gaming Alliance (TIGA) treaty.

“The idea for TIGA started about two years ago here in northern Wisconsin with Lac du Flambeau and several other Midwest tribes. I have been truly honored to help make their vision a reality,” said Jeffrey Nelson, Counsel, Kanji & Katzen, PLLC, and author of the Treaty.

Progressive sovereign nations recognize the value of working together, and Lac du Flambeau is taking the lead by being the first Tribe in Wisconsin to ratify the TIGA treaty. “We asked our Gaming Commission to do the homework on this, and they and our attorney found minimal risk in our moving forward. We want to be at the forefront of online gaming, and this is another step to advance that,” said Tribal President Tom Maulson.

The Treaty is an inter-governmental agreement between Tribes that want to work together to develop a single platform internet gaming business. The model is based on Tribal sovereignty and building liquidity upon each Tribe’s existing resources.

With the launch of online free play, Lac du Flambeau is moving forward and embracing new technologies to not only diversify their present customer’s gaming experience, but as a way of cultivating new clientele. As online gaming legislation progresses throughout the United States, the Lac du Flambeau Tribal Council recognizes the need the stay in the forefront of the potential opportunities.

“This is certainly a historic day in Indian gaming. It is 25 years to the day after Congress enacted IGRA (Indian Gaming Regulatory Act); how fitting that it should also be the day of the first TIGA Treaty ratification. With ratification from two more tribes, TIGA will officially take flight,” said Nelson. The treaty does not bind Lac du Flambeau to any Tribe or business venture. Rather it creates an opportunity for Tribal Nations to cooperatively address potential legislative or regulatory issues. There is no financial investment at this time, and the Tribe may opt out of the treaty at any time.

“We look forward to working with other Tribes to advance internet gaming, and creating additional opportunities for our Tribal Members,” said Maulson.