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8 Tweets About Native American Veterans You Might Want to Retweet


On Wednesday, Arizona Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick sent a tweet in support of a bipartisan resolution that would honor Native American veterans.

Kirkpatrick’s resolution would designate Nov 7th, a date during Native American Indian Heritage Month, as Native American Indian Veterans Day.

“We all know the noble legacy of the Code Talkers, but many folks are unaware that Native Americans have a greater proportion of veterans than the general U.S. population,” Kirkpatrick told the Arizona Daily Independent. “My resolution would set aside a day for our grateful nation to honor their service and sacrifice.”

More than 150,000 Native Americans have served or fought for the United States.

So far, twenty of her colleagues from Native American Caucus have signed on in support of the resolution, according to the congresswoman’s website. 

Since the congresswoman took to Twitter to push the bill, here are eight tweets about Native American veterans you might want to retweet:

1. Turtle Island

2.   Indian Country TV

3.   Rep. Markwayne Mullins (OK)

4.   Rep. Heidi Heitkamp (ND)

5.   “Tommy” via the Associated Press

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6.   Native Daughters

7.   Kris Wetherholt

8.  Sue Bryce