5 Videos of Outspoken Elizabeth Warren at Work in DC



Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) is no stranger to controversial issues, since her 2012 Senate race against then Rep. Sen. Scott Brown. In the heated senatorial race, Brown challenged Warren’s claims of Native American heritage, claiming she used those claims to gain tenure at Harvard.

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Warren won the Senate seat in November, and was sworn into office in January, and since she has been in Washington D.C. she has shown to be outspoken and a Senator demanding action. The Senator who was recently in Massachusetts giving a speech said, “I believe the playing field is rigged. Evidence of that is everywhere. Now I’ve been in the Senate for nearly a year and believe as strongly as ever that the system is rigged for powerful interests and against working families,” according to Massachusetts Live.

Below are 5 clips of the outspoken Senator at work in Washington D.C.:

Sen. Warren on Republican’s Shutdown Threats

Warren addresses the at-the-time looming shutdown and the issues that Republicans in office were focusing on leading up to the shuttering of the government.

Elizabeth Warren on Illegal Foreclosures

The Senator questions regulators who did not immediately turn over case records of borrowers who may be considering private legal action against their bank.

Elizabeth Warren: Why Isn’t Minimum Wage $22

In a hearing on minimum wage changes, Warren draws the question on why minimum wage is not at $22 as it would be given the information presented. “If we started in 1960, and we said that as productivity goes up, that is as workers are producing more, then the minimum wage is going to go up the same. If that were the case then minimum wage today would be about $22 an hour,” Warren stated befor asking the question “what happened to the other $14.75?”

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA): Why Haven’t The Wall Street Banks Been Prosecuted?

During a Senate Banking Committee hearing in February, just a month and a half after being sworn in, Warren questioned panelists about big banks and what happens when they break the law?

Senator Elizabeth Warren – The Changing Retirement Landscape for Baby Boomers

In a Senate hearing on the State of the American Senior from September, the Massachusetts Senator asked how people can save more for their retirement and addressed employer sponsorship plans.

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Michael Madrid
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The furor over Warren's election was based on her claims and the fact that she "doesn't look" Indian. Of course "looks Indian" is based on antiquated stereotypes of NDNs rather than history and intermarriage. Who is to say what constitutes being Indian? The variations between all Native Americans is so vast that most Americans wouldn't believe how ignorant they are of our culture. As was mentioned in another ICTMN article (on education) most Americans picture Indians of the great plains when they think "Indian." Not many people would picture Jim Thorpe or Richie Havens. It just goes to show that stereotypes get stupid people in trouble all the time.