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Hoops Star Shoni Schimmel Says Redskins Name Should Go


In "The Five Faces of Shoni Schimmel", ESPN's women's-sports sub-site ESPNW checks in with Native American superstar basketball player Shoni Schimmel as she gears up for another season with her college team, the Louisville Cardinals. The article paints a portrait of a tremendously talented young woman keeping it real and coming into her own as a sports celebrity. In one section, "finding her voice," Schimmel is asked to comment on the Washington Redskins name controversy. The writer notes that "Two years ago, maybe even last year, Schimmel would have deflected the question. Not anymore."

Indeed, Schimmel's answer is thorough and well-reasoned:

I would change the name of the Redskins mainly for the Native American people as a whole. ... It's about respect for the Native American race, especially to not promote the racism carried over from the past. It was racist to be called a 'redskin' back in the day, so what makes it OK today? ... Just because what our people went through was hundreds of years ago doesn't mean we forgot what happened, forgot what our elders went through. Changing the name would help give us, as Native Americans, the same equality that every other race wants.

For the full story, see ESPNW's "The Five Faces of Shoni Schimmel"



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Kenny Frost
Submitted by Kenny Frost on

Name got to go!
Good to have all the wonderful support from so many Native people who agree. What was good long ago isn't today.
Name got to go!

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Michael Madrid
Submitted by Michael Madrid on

"Changing the name would help give us, as Native Americans, the same equality that every other race wants."

This is apparently too much in the "land of the free."

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Submitted by Aaron on

I don't necessarily like the name but I feel there are other issues to worry about in the Native Community.

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hmmm as a native i think we got bigger issues to deal with besides mascots on sports teams i for one dont find it offensive or even care sorry my native peeps but lets try to find something else to fight js

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The use of the term "redskin" is racist no matter which way you look at it. do people go around naming sports teams based on the color or ethnicity of other nationalities? There would be a public outcry if they did. Come on America. Native Americans are still here. We aren't going anywhere. We've already lost a lot and I'm sure you can come up with a name that honors and respects us rather than degrade us.

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Who cares
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