This poster was created by the DC Native Public Relations Roundtable to raise awareness and positive visibility of Native communities during Native American Heritage Month.

Native Organizations Create Heritage Month Poster to Raise Awareness


The DC Native Public Relations Roundtable, a group of communicators and public relations professionals representing Native-based organizations, tribal governments and government agencies in Washington, D.C., have released a limited edition poster celebrating November’s National Native American Heritage Month.

The group created the poster because they “hope awareness and positive visibility to our Native community will be felt around the country during this time of recognition,” Michael Woestehoff, Navajo, Media & Communications Director with the National Indian Gaming Association, told ICTMN.

Woestehoff took the image for the poster and designed the layout. He believes “our community should not be expressed as a ‘stock image,’ but showcase proud members of the Native community.”

The image is free to download here.

The group hopes to design a poster for Native American Heritage Month every year. This year’s theme is “Guiding our Destiny with Heritage and Tradition.”