Courtesy Vincent Schilling
Tensions are rising again as protesters gather near Elsipogtog First Nation to rally against further seismic testing by SWN Resources. APTN reporter Ossie Michelin talks to Native Trailblazers' Vincent Schilling on November 15 with the latest from the front lines.

What Is Happening in Elsipogtog? Tonight on Native Trailblazers Radio


Tonight on Native Trailblazers, Ossie Michelin, the journalist with the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN) who is front and center at the protests of Elsipogtog First Nation against SWN Resources Canada in New Brunswick, will give a firsthand account of what is happening in Elsipogtog on the radio talk show Native Trailblazers.

As members of Elsipogtog First Nation gather again to protest the seismic testing being conducted by a subsidiary of Houston-based Southwestern Energy Co., tensions are high. Michelin, of mixed Inuit heritage from Labrador in northeastern Canada, covers Atlantic Canada and has been closely following the Mi'kmaq–led fight against shale gas development. He snapped the iconic photo of Amanda Polchies  holding up an eagle feather to a wall of Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) on the day that authorities broke up the peaceful encampment in mid-October.

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