Tim Townsend via U.S. Department of the Interior
This bison woke up with a frosty blanket in Yellowstone National Park recently.

It’s a Yeti! No Wait—It’s Frosty, the … Bison?


It’s no secret that temperatures are dropping across Turtle Island as the earth’s “top half” tilts away from the sun’s warmth in the wake of the autumnal equinox.

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But for anyone who didn’t get the memo and is still sporting flip-flops (you know who you are), here is a harbinger indeed of the coming winter: This iconic bison, bedecked in frost, courtesy of the U.S. Department of the Interior.

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“When temperatures at Yellowstone National Park dropped below freezing last week, this bison woke up with a frost blanket,” the Department of the Interior said in posting the photo on its Tumblr feed, America’s Great Outdoors.

The American Buffalo got its day on November 2 with the first federally designated National Bison Day, which falls on the first Saturday of that month from now on.

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This bison may look like it’s frozen solid, but in fact it is extremely well insulated, as the Department of the Interior pointed out. “The bison’s heavy fur is perfectly adapted to winter conditions.”