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Reporters Reach Out to 'Redskins' Sponsors


Mother Jones is asking just what it would take for the Washington NFL team to change its name.

As one of the first publications to publicly refuse to use the name Redskins in its reporting, the magazine has contacted the Redskins corporate sponsors: Coke, FedEx, New York Life, and others, to “see if they had any comment on the campaign to push Snyder to drop the R-word” and if these sponsors would consider dropping the team because of the name-change controversy.

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Coke’s spokesperson said, “As sponsors, we do not play a role in decisions regarding NFL trademarks. Your questions can better be addressed by the team and the NFL.”

FedEx said, “We understand that there is a difference of opinion on this issue. Nevertheless, we believe that our sponsorship of FedEx Field continues to be in the best interest of FedEx and its stockholders.”

New York Life said that since the company had received “no complaints” about the controversy, and would access its relationship with the team after the season ended. Another sponsor, Virginia Life said something similar, “we have not received complaints regarding the Redskins sponsorship and we are not considering dropping it.”

Mother Jones is not alone in this dog-fight, so-to-say, as the mayor of Minneapolis has urged a boycott of the Redskins merchandise and the Huffington Post recently blogged, “Forget Snyder, It’s Time to Target the ‘Redskins’ Advertisers.”

The Huff Post wrote, “These companies need to be challenged for aligning themselves with Snyder and tacitly approving his team's despicable nickname. If Americans across the country engaged in a letter-writing campaign calling for these companies to drop their sponsorship of the Redskins or lose their business, we might get somewhere on this Redskins issue.”

You can read the rest of Mother Jones’s article here.