Miley Cyrus Is 21, and Has a $25,000 Tepee in her Back Yard


Miley Cyrus recently celebrated her 21st birthday, and in the wake of wild festivities at Beacher's Madhouse she seems to have added a guest house of sorts -- a tepee that is said to sleep four now occupies her back yard. 

As we've seen before, tepees have been fashionable as both hipster sanctuaries and celebrity dwellings (Kate Moss put guests up in tepees at her 2011 wedding). It's possibe Cyrus believes the tepee is another way of getting in tune with her plausible Native heritage -- to go with the dreamcatcher and crossed arrows she has tattooed on her body (see below).

But that's speculation. Sometimes a $25,000 tepee in your back yard -- yes, that's what it cost -- is just a $25,000 tepee in your back yard.


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marcia 's picture
Submitted by marcia on

well she got ripped off if she paid that price for a teepee and if she is proud of her heritage then at lest bring awareness and help the First Nations pple and put that money to good use instead of wasting it on a teepee ...imagine who many kids that need coats and heating oil and housing ....just go ask Pineridge or any other native community and see what money can do for pple ..just saying i like her but come on look beyond urself esp if ur in the position to do so !

Anonymous's picture
Submitted by Anonymous on

Darryl Hannah has lived in one for years too... but she's down with Idle No More & fighting the fracking energy corps.
Miley tries to do the coolest thing she can think of, to gain popularity. Jest like most Americans.

angelo achakus it means"starr"'s picture
angelo achakus ...
Submitted by angelo achakus ... on

i think every body trying to native e saying there native for one ur not native man if u trying to hard there ppl

Anonymous's picture
Submitted by Anonymous on

I love it

R. E. Blair's picture
R. E. Blair
Submitted by R. E. Blair on

Uh, from the looks of her I'd say that I'd be closer to being a Native American than she is

CDeezy's picture
Submitted by CDeezy on

Well If you do some research her and her stupid looking brother AND dad are NOT NATIVE AMERICAN........They are bullshit They know nothing about our lifestyle/culture...WOW your fucking dads buddy a long time ago was native.....THATS IT...

Millycyrus doesn't even deceive a tipi's picture
Millycyrus does...
Submitted by Millycyrus does... on

We should've sold her one for fifty gs and said it was "authentic" lol

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Submitted by cochamy on

Is it really that important what miley has in her back yard or what tattoo she has .I mean if I had a ship in mine and put on a pirate hat would that make me a pirate,I don't think so .Remember not everyone can be native American and I think most people to claim Cherokee because they are so uneducated on the native americans .I think if she really wanted to make statement she should have give to some of the rez that need the money .