10 Rez Puppies You've Got to See

Vincent Schilling

When we asked readers to post their coolest #RezPuppy pictures on social media, ICTMN readers didn’t disappoint. Check out these 10 #RezPuppies.

Georgette aka @Beaverclan1 sent us this great picture of Baby from the Wuskwi Sipihk Reserve Manitoba, Canada. Baby looks like she is comfortable lounging in the sun!

JACook aka @jcookie92 sent us this picture that clearly shows Sheba from Akwesasne in Mohawk Territory is not satisfied just sitting in the garage quietly. You go Sheba!

Ashleigh aka @NativeLovee has shown us that Vatonn in Albuquerque has got what it takes to look like the coolest Rez Dog riding in the passenger seat in all of New Mexico.

It looks like Ntawnis Elyse Piapot aka @NTawnis, a journalist from the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network was not too busy filming to take a moment to pose with a curious rezpup in Barens River—great pic you two!

Jazzy Boo aka +Jazzy Boo sent us two pictures of her cool rez puppies that live in Teesto, Arizona on the Navajo Reservation. It looks like Nizhoni, Tiny and Ozzy are having a pretty great time in Navajo country!

Arty Dog aka @ArtyPoodle is so great—this poodle has its own Rez Dog twitter account. Yes Arty, we agree, you are cool.

When we were tweeting our search for the coolest rezdogs in Indian Country, @AngelaMotorman asked if we would work with Desert Animal Companions, a website that provides resources to help misplaced or homeless animals on the Navajo Reservation. How could we resist?

After corresponding with Desert Animal Companions, we contacted the Blackhat Humane Society and Good Dog Rez-Q—they had plenty of pictures for us!

Blackhat Humane Society

Founded in 2000 to serve the Navajo Nation’s homeless animal population, the Blackhat Humane Society uses foster homes to help place unwanted pets into loving homes. They operate off donations and always need volunteers check them out at PetFinder.com.

Here are four awesome placed rez pups!

Good Dog Rez-Q

Wanting to assist smaller rural communities, Good Dog Rez-Q started in June 2013 to help animals in need of help. According to President Tamara Martin, Good Dog Rez-Q works with local clinics for low cost spays and neuters and works to raise funds for animals in need of medical care. For example, Manley needs an eye operation. For information or recent rescues go to Facebook.com/gooddogrezq.

Good Dog Rez-Q also rescued these rez puppies.

And thanks to Good Dog Rez-Q, here are some rescued rez kitties. We didn’t want the rez kitty lovers to feel left out.


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Michael Madrid's picture
Michael Madrid
Submitted by Michael Madrid on

I love animals and would go so far as to say that I love animals more than I do most people. I always know where I stand with animals, even coyotes, rattlesnakes, badgers or bears. The same isn't true of humans.

No animal has ever lied to me, cheated me or hurt me without provocation. Some animals may be devious, but it's for their own survival and NOT for financial gain.

I would rather spend a day in the desert with a dog I didn't know than with a human I didn't know.

Anonymous's picture
Submitted by Anonymous on

Amazing that these shelter dogs are getting some notice! I'll def have to repost this in my blog