Video: Treaty or Not? The Affordable Care Act & Indian Country Ep. 2

Mark Trahant

In Episode 2 of Mark Trahant’s video blog series on the Affordable Care Act and its impact on Indian country, Trahant takes a look at the confusing issues that arrived with the plan and what American Indians need to do now – nothing.

Trahant tells American Indians to wait to make the important decisions that face their families with the new law. He talks about the mandate that is connected to the law and how Natives are exempt from this mandate.

Trahant takes a closer look at the idea behind insurance, its connection to employment and the statistics and effects on Indian country.

According to the Government Accountability Office in a recent report, a major campaign needs to happen to educate American Indians and Alaska Natives about the insurance process. This means hiring more people, which won’t happen right away.


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