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Change Happens: Majority of Wash Post Readers Now Say Change ‘Redskins’


Less than two months ago, a majority of Washington Post readers were asked if they thought that the Washington "Redskins" should change their name. ICTMN reported on October 11, 2013, that 57 percent of those polled said “no,” keep it, and 43 percent said “yes,” change it.

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Today, that same poll has flipped, considerably: 62 percent of readers now say, “yes” change the name, and 38 percent said “no,” don’t change it. Numerically, this means that 20,948 people have voted for the team to change the name and 12,622 voted to keep the name the same. More than 33, 000 people have weighed in on the debate. 

Here are the most recent results:

The voting, according to The Post, is open to all online readers, so anyone can cast a vote. The poll is non-scientific, however, the Post did conduct a scientific one in June, which can be read here. 

At the time, a majority of fans who took the scientific poll said that the NFL team should not change its name, but they felt that the word “redskin” was an inappropriate term for Native Americans. On average, those results boiled down to eight in 10 fans saying that Dan Synder’s team should remain the “Redskins.”

Much discussion about the Associated Press survey has also been tossed around in the name change debate. Snyder mentioned the poll in his letter to fans and the NFL team’s representative, Lanny Davis, cited it in several media reports

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In April, the AP poll showed that only 11 percent believed the team should change its name. The news wire service has yet to conduct a second poll. 

To cast a vote in the paper's poll, visit their web site at


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