Video: Treaty or Not? The Affordable Care Act & Indian Country Ep. 5

Mark Trahant

The Affordable Care Act is known mostly for it’s challenges, but for Indian country the law will shake up what is currently the Indian health system just like an earthquake.

The law basically puts the health care industry on notice that there is change that is needed to move forward. As Mark Trahant states, this law over time will create a whole new landscape especially for American Indians and Alaska Natives. As Valerie Davidson, senior director of legal and inter-governmental affairs at Alaska Native Health Consortium says the system is not something that just works for us today, but will benefit our children in the future.

“American Indian and Alaska Native families want what every family in this country wants. We want our children to be healthy, we want them to be happy, and we want them to live in safe communities,” Davidson said. “But because of where we live, we are in some of the most rural parts of the country, and because of our special relationship that we have with the federal government we may have to do things differently to accomplish that.”


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