Nicolaus Wegner
A photo from the Wyoming Wildnerness

A 20,000-Mile Adventure Across the Wyoming Wilderness


Nicolaus Wegner spent 150 days exploring, 20,000 miles driving and more than 100 miles hiking in the Wyoming wilderness to photograph 125,000 images, some which make up this 7-minute video.

Wegner’s plan was to capture the wildscapes in all four seasons, at all times of day.

“It was one hell of a journey during the 14 months making Wyoming Wildscapes II, my second and final Wyoming related time lapse project,” wrote Wegner on “Lighting almost got me a couple times this summer, gear froze up in the winter (literally) and broke a few times.”

Some of the photos are difficult to describe adequately. One sequence moves from winter to spring and from daylight to sunset: snow falls on red-orange stones; then, in the next frame, you see stars in an orange- dusk sky with dead grass sticking out of the snowy ground.

In Wegner’s blog, Light Alive Photography, he writes "watching the stars at night high in the mountain wilderness, experiencing a meteor shower in the lower basins, having a super cell spinning directly overhead on the high plains, watching lightning play across the hills and prairies, trying to stand up against 60 mph ground blizzard creating winds in the dead of winter, all the while spending much of that time with the love of my life."

His first Wyoming Wilderness video was posted about a year ago on the same website. It was chosen as a Vimeo staff pick. Wegner spent two months on that project and visited Cloud Peak Wilderness, Bighorn Range, Grand Teton National Park, Snowy Range, Shirley and Wind River Basins, Casper, Wyoming, and several other places in the state.

“Saw some pretty amazing stuff along the way,” Wegner blogs. “This part of the country never ceases to amaze and surprise me.”