This image of parents waiting to reunite with their children was tweeted by Ryan Parker of the Denver Post.

2 Injured, Gunman Dead After Colorado School Shooting


As a harrowing day continues in Centennial, Colorado two students are injured, one remains in serious condition and the responsible gunman is dead, possibly from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Arapahoe County Sheriff Grayson Robinson told reporters during a press conference that the suspect entered the west side of Arapahoe High School and immediately asked other students for a specific teacher, though Robinson would not release any names.

“The student was armed with a shotgun; it was clear that he was armed—he made no effort to hide it,” Robinson told reporters.

Robinson said the relationship between the teacher and the suspect is not clear, but figuring that out would be part of the continuing investigation.

Investigators are with the suspect’s family, who is a current student at Arapahoe High School. That is all the information about the suspect Robinson would give.

“We will conduct a thorough and complete investigation, we will take our time, we will not do it quick,” Robinson said. He said the suspect’s home would be searched and anywhere the suspect may have had access.  “If he brought a vehicle here, it will be searched.”

Robinson noted that it will be up to the school when to resume classes and that no other schools were locked down because it was determined that his was an “isolated situation.”

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