courtesy SWAIA
ShanDien LaRance shows off her famous hoop skills.

Watch Hip Hop Hoop Dance Fashion Show from Santa Fe Indian Market 2013


The 2013 edition of Santa Fe Indian Market was, as usual, a spinning kaleidoscope of Native artistry and a colorful mashup of Native cuture old and new. Here's a perfect example -- the Hip Hop Hoop Dance Fashion Show, which took place August 17 and featured a dynamic fusion of music and dance that embodies what it means to be young, Native and creative in 2013. Introducing the clip is one of the mad geniuses behind the event, Ehren Kee Natay, an artist and dancer who designed the official 2013 Indian Market t-shirts that many of the performers are wearing in the video. Co-conspirators included hoop dancing siblings Nakotah LaRance (a world champion) and ShanDien LaRance (currently with Cirque de Soleil), hip hop artist Quese IMC, New Tribe dance crew, dancer Talavai Denipah-Cook, and DJ Shock B.

This video was supplied by SWAIA, the organization behind Santa Fe Indian Market. The music playing is "NDN Stakes" by A Tribe Called Red.



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Traditional Warrior
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this is sad, why do we promote and even acknowledge these kids trying to be like Blacks and other races and the worst of it is they are desecrating native music. makes me sick, and also sadden to see how fast our respect and culture is dying.

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I love that these kids are embracing their Mixed culture and Mixed identity. #Respect #Love #Passion #Art
The world is big enough for traditional art, new art and remixed art.
PS - A Tribe Called Red is a Native American music group #OneLove

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To the comment who said these kids are trying to be black. That is absolutely crazy. Have you done any research on hip hop at all? Or just speaking from mere speculation? The Taino tribe (Puerto Ricans) who are natives actually helped start hip hop and have made it everything it is today. Hip hop is not about being black. It is a culture all it's own, for the youth of every culture to come together and find common ground. And please don't get hip hop mixed with rap. Hip hop is positive, always has been. West Indian Cool DJ Herc has also helped form hip hop, and one of the best B boys to ever live was Taino, Crazy Legs. Is not denying us this right to express ourselves and claim what is just as much ours as anyone else', oppressive in nature. This is exactly the attitude the colonizers have had against us for so long, stop holding us back, and let us express ourselves in a positive form. smh, just go learn something about it before u put it down.