12 Days of Consciousness-Raising Native Images from HonorTheTreaties


This summer, Honor the Treaties spread its wings and took off. The slogan and concept had grown out of the work of photographer Aaron Huey, whose images drew attention to life on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Huey's pictures, which were not uncontroversial in Indian country, were turned into poster art by Shepard Fairey and Ernesto Yerena, and the images (and the slogan "The Black Hills Are Not For Sale") became familiar -- but it wasn't until the launch of the new Honor the Treaties website that the mission became clear.

The organization has enlisted some of Indian country's most prominent muralists and poster artists, and is serving to enable and distribute art that draws attention to Native causes. At the official website, poster art by such notables as Gregg Deal, Jaque Fragua, and Jared Yazzie is available for download at high resolution, and there is even an instructional video that teaches how to apply them to walls with wheatpaste. The image below, by Jaque Fragua is one of several we'll be bringing you. You can right-click to download it at "medium" size (1128 x 1500 pixels); should you need the larger version you can get it at the downloads page at honorthetreaties.org.