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Winter is in full force; head caution!

Warning: Ice Patches; AMERIND Risk Offers Tips to Avoid Slips and General Workplace Accidents


Slip, trips and fall injuries including falls on ice or wet surfaces, falls while carrying objects, falls over clutter, falls over uneven surfaces, and falls from ladders account for more than 25 percent of workplace accidents in Indian Country! Elders at home face an even higher risk of being injured from a fall. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ( states that 1 in 3 people over the age of 65 has a fall injury.

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Safety Tips for Slips, Trips and Falls Prevention:

    •    Use rubber mats or other non-slip materials on slippery floors.
    •    Rugs should be in good condition, free of curled edges or tears.
    •    Keep passageways and aisles clear of materials.
    •    Don’t leave tools on floors, pick them up.
    •    Outside yards and walking areas should be kept free of debris, ice, and snow.
    •    All holes should be filled in, and the grounds kept reasonably level.
    •    Stairways should be well lit and have secure handrails. The stairs should be kept clean, dry and free of obstructions.
    •    Ladders should be in good condition. Maintain at least three points of contact (two hands and one foot) when climbing up or down. A helper should hold the ladder for the person working on it, and should assist in raising and lowering tools/materials.

AMERIND Risk was formed by over 420 tribes in 1986 and is the only 100% Native American owned and operated insurance provider in Indian Country. They were originally formed by Tribes to respond to a crisis for housing insurance. In the last 27 years, AMERIND Risk has evolved to provide a number of coverage’s specifically designed for Tribes- delivering safe, secure, sustainable and affordable insurance solutions to Indian Country. AMERIND Risk‘s Tribal Workers’ Compensation plan offers four fundamental coverage’s for work related injuries for employees: medical cost, loss of wages, death benefit and  disability benefits. It is a tribal alternative to State Workers’ Compensation. Workers Compensation is a State Law, which Tribes are exempt. AMERIND Risk Tribal coverage plan affords the  individual tribes the ability to take control of their Tribal Workers’ Compensation  plan while maintaining Tribal sovereignty.

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