12 Days of Posters: Gregg Deal on Taking Our Children


Artist Gregg Deal is on a creative tear, bringing us both the Last American Indian on Earth project and the ChangeTheName video -- it's hardly surprising that he was among the first artists to join the HonorTheTreaties team. This particular poster addresses the persistent issues connected to the Indian Child Welfare Act -- which has been in the news constantly over the course of 2013 with the Baby Veronica controversy. Deal seems to be saying it gets down to a simple word and concept: Respect. Respect for laws, respect for families, respect for Natives. Right-click to download this medium-size image below (1001 x 1500 pixels) -- for the much larger version, visit the downloads page at HonorTheTreaties.org.



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chahta ohoyo
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the 'taking' of children of any race is inherently wrong IF the ONLY reason is to 'assimilate' them into another race...unfortunately this action can be traced backward in history to the beginning of mankind...it has always been done under the guise of destroying the culture, beliefs and languages of the children taken...however...and here is an epiphany...
not all adoptions of indigenous children are for the sole destruction of race...adoptions of children of all races do sometimes occur out of pure caring about the welfare of the children...
what is wrong to take a child who would never have the possibility of coming out of abject poverty to be educated, not be cold, hungry, abused by parents who dont want that child or necessarily care for him/her...however, the adopted child of another race must have access to information about his/her parents, culture, beliefs and languages, and have caring parents who openly provide these things...a big hole is left in the soul of anyone who is denied where he/she came from...
no, i am not soft-pedalling or advocating just taking children for totally ulterior motives, but giving a child a chance is a good thing...