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Chef Freddie Bitsoie

Chef Bitsoie Launches Travel and Cooking TV Show, Asks for Support


Chef Freddie Bitsoie needs your help!

The Navajo chef is launching a travel, cooking and culture show called Rezervations Not Required and needs to raise $40,000 to fund its production. Bitsoie has raised $200 since December 8. The campaign runs until January 17, 2014.

From IndieGogo.com, “The producers of this show feel passionately about bringing this show to fruition and showing the world the positive side of Indian Country. At present, there are no shows on television (excluding PBS) that feature, star or are being produced by Native Americans, North America's original inhabitants. What's worse is when Native Americans are portrayed in the media, it often denigrates [sic] into stereotypes.”

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RNR was created by Thom Denomme and is produced by “Walking Giants Productions” a Native production company started by Denomme and actress Irene Bedard. The producers originally developed it to be a cooking show, but while shooting the pilot in Arizona, they realized that RNR had so much more potential.

This show not only answers the question ‘What is Native American food?’, it takes the viewer inside the culture itself for a rarely seen glimpse into what it is like to be a member of that community,” producers said on IndieGogo.com. “Through Chef Freddie's experience, we get to experience thousands of years of proud traditions."   

So far, episodes have been shot in Alaska, Arizona and North Vancouver Island. The production team needs $30,000 to finish post-production and an additional $10,000 to market the show to networks, as well as find distributors and more sponsors.

Prizes are given out based on the amount that each individual donates to the program. Contributions of $5000, for example, will buy a dinner for four; Chef Freddie will come to your home and cook for you and three of your friends.

But, what’s most important is creating a program that shows Native’s in a positive, fun and entertaining manner.

Let's face it, Native Americans are fun! This show looks at the other side of Indian Country, the proud heritage, the contributions to the food world and society, the dancing, the singing, the celebrating,” the producers wrote on the web site. “And did we mention great food?!! [sic] What's worse is when Native Americans are portrayed in the media, it often denigrates into stereotypes.”   

You can watch a promo for Chef Bitsoie’s show below.