12 Days of Posters: HonorTheTreaties Takes on Sports Mascots


Here's the evolution of HonorTheTreaties, a project initially focused on Pine Ridge, the Lakota, and the Black Hills. As it takes on Native artists from more diverse backgrounds, the images produced have addressed broader Indigenous issues (see Jared Yazzie's Water Is Life) and current political and legal causes (Gregg Deal's Our Children Are Not Yours to Take). With the poster below, HTT artist Jaque Fragua joins in the struggle on the cultural battleground, making a statement on the harmful effects of sports mascots that propagate racial stereotypes and slurs.

Right-click on the image to download it at medium size (1000 x 1500 pixels); for a much larger version, visit the HonorTheTreaties downloads page. You may also want to visit ICTMN's 12 Days of Posters archive.

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