What It's Like: Grand Entry at a Pow Wow From a Dancer's Point of View


"I was always taught that you dance for those who cannot dance," says dancer and entrepreneur Jacob Pratt. That's what inspired him to mount a GoPro HD camera on his chest to film the Grand Entry at the First Nations University of Canada Pow Wow in Regina Saskatchewan from his own point of view. "This was a way to show those who couldn’t dance what it’s really like to be out there dancing for the people. I guess I wanted to share the feeling of dancing, being surrounded by all the other dancers, and the way you interact with other dancers. Most importantly, show how the pow wow circle is like a big family. "

Pratt, who has been dancing at pow wows since he was a little kid, is also a hoop dancer and has trained in contemporary dance and ballet. He's currently combining those dance chops with his business acumen as owner and creative director of a performance and events company called Wambdi Dance.

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Oh my goodness!!!!! The Pow Wow is truly beautiful. I really like the clothing and all of the feathers. Native Americans are truly beautiful people. I would definitely enjoy going to a Pow Wow one day!! I know that I would have a blast seeing this. I hope and pray that you all continue posting up things like this. It is truly inspiring.