Africans Settled China, Showing That We're All Related

Julianne Jennings

A recent article written by Daphne R, "DNA Evidence Proves That The First People In China Were Black," confirms what black historians have been arguing for many years, the first inhabitants of China were in fact black. ScienceDaily.com, in an article titled, "A Relative from the Tianyuan Cave: Humans Living 40,000 Years Ago Likely Related to Many Present-Day Asians and Native Americans," reveals a shared ancestry between American Indians and Tianyuan humans living near Beijing, China.

In both articles, DNA evidence link Chinese and by extension, American Indians had indeed originated from Africa, the Cradle of Civilization.

According to KultureCritic.com, H. Imbert, a French anthropologist said in his book, Les Negritos de la Chine, “The Negroid races peopled at some time all the South of India, Indo-China and China. The South of Indo-China actually has now pure Negritos as the Semangs and mixed as the Malays and the Sakais.”

The article also points out that author and professor, Chang Hsing-Lang, affirms in writing “The Importation of Negro Slaves to China under the Tang Dynasty.” He continues, “Even the sacred Manchu dynasty shows this Negro strain. The lower part of the face of the Emperor Pu-yi of Manchukuo, direct descendant of the Manchu rulers of China, is most distinctly Negroid.”

“These professors through their research and studies believe that a Negro Empire actually existed at the dawn of the country’s history citing evidence of substantial populations of blacks in early China, including finding reports of a major kingdom ruled by blacks being frequently mentioned in historical Chinese history documents. And, Chinese chroniclers report that a Negro Empire existed in the South of China at the dawn of that country’s history reports, Kulture Kritic.com.”

This notion however, has been thwarted by white scientists and even some blacks believing it sends a message of a racial hierarchy between white and of black Americans and their descendants spreading worldwide. By now, we should know the gradation of skin color, differences in hair texture, facial and body features between humans is a result of melanin production, vitamin D absorption, and environmental pressures. Race however, is a social construct, believing some groups of people are superior to others being deemed inferior based on these physical differences.

The article purports, in 2005, “DNA testing proved that the first inhabitants of China were black Africans. The study was conducted by a Chinese DNA specialist named Jin Li and a team of Chinese and other scientists. Li admits that he wasn’t trying to prove this fact, instead he initially wanted to prove that the Chinese evolved from hοmo erectus independently of all humans.” Further, “After collecting more than 12000 DNA samples from 165 different ethnic groups, Li and his team found that early humans belonged to different species but modern humans had descended from the East African species.”

Scientist Li Hui argues, “That 100,000 years ago humans began migrating through South and Southeast Asia into China from Africa. Their testing showed that 65 branches of Chinese all carry similar DNA mutations as the people of Southeast Asia. Jin Li and his team of researches assert a different opinion, “We did not see even one single individual that could be considered as a descendant of the hοmo erectus in China, rather, everybody was a descendant of our ancestors from Africa.” He continues, “After I saw the evidence generated in my laboratory. I think we should all be happy with that. Because after all, modern humans from different parts of the world are not so different from each other and we are very close relatives.”

Knowing we are not so different after all, maybe "Peace on Earth and Goodwill towards all men/women can be celebrated with love and kindness around the world this Christmas season, and all seasons to come!

Julianne Jennings (Nottoway) is an anthropologist.

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We are all related.
value116's picture
This is interesting scientific DNA corroboration! At least 20 years ago, Professor Joseph Harris lectured on this at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture in Harlem. His theory/belief was that the human race began on the east coast of Africa, and gradually began the period of migration, and eventual trade routes north, west and east. The ancestors that went east took the routes you mentioned. He also stated that a dish with writing on it from China from an early period was found in a burial ground in East Africa. He showed us maps with the migration and trade routes delineated. The evidence from the DNA testing that was done would corroborate his theories even more.
John John's picture
Did anyone carefully read this? It is nothing but "Afro Centrism", a thoroughly discredited, racist ideology that believes that it is acceptable to lie and to make totally baseless and illogical assumptions on the criteria that others are racist and lying to make Blacks feel inferior. In this mode of "thought" they simply take facts and research and guess where Whites or others are "hiding the truth" and you make up something to claim that everything good in the world is Black. The person who wrote this and the person who is cited are not scholars nor even educated. They are just people dealing in Black Supremacist racism. The even moderately educated person will know that 100,000 years ago Neanderthals still existed, and the characteristics that we associate with racial diversity (or even modern looking appearances) such skin pigmentation or hair texture or constructs of features did not exist as it does today among early hominids. For instance, White skin and blue or green eye color did not exist until 4,000 to 7,000 years ago. Like so many characteristics of each race today, they are relatively recent. And what else makes the argument laughable is that the writer also apparently does not know about the Near Extinction epochs (we know they existed but have only theorized about the causes) genetic bottleneck theory, between 50,000 and 100,000 years ago, human populations sharply decreased to about 5,000 (and possibly as few as 1,000) surviving individuals. It is supported by genetic evidence. So the branching of all of these groups into bands, such as Native Americans would mean that before there was modern racial adaptation, there was just a dozen or so people who lived in the Americas, however they arrived. Native Americans are an isolated, separately evolving people. There seems to have been back and forth settlement in the Pacific Islands (who bear genetic kinship to Native Americans) but any genetic similarities to anyone else literally goes back to early hominids. Native Americans evolved here isolated for tens of thousands of years, and thus are as native to a place as any group of people could possibly be. I would suggest people do research and look at a variety of legitimate sources before making racist statements to support some racist, Indian hating agenda.
John John
RobynL's picture
Well, this is either very interesting stuff or somewhat confusing when it comes to North America's Indigenous. I'm no scholar, so I could need some guidance in correlating this information with the study noted here: http://mbe.oxfordjournals.org/content/26/5/995 / http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2009/04/090428223836.htm DNA Analysis Shows That Native American Genealogy Is One of the Most Unique in the World April 29, 2009 Source: University of California, Davis Native Americans Descended From A Single Ancestral Group, DNA Study Confirms "The origin and history of the Indigenous Peoples of the Americas have been studied for years by researchers from different countries, and a recent DNA study showed that the genealogy of the western aboriginals is one of the most unique in the world. . For two decades, researchers have been using a growing volume of genetic data to debate whether ancestors of Native Americans emigrated to the New World in one wave or successive waves, or from one ancestral Asian population or a number of different populations. Now, after painstakingly comparing DNA samples from people in dozens of modern-day Native American and Eurasian groups, an international team of scientists thinks it can put the matter to rest: virtually without exception, the new evidence supports the single ancestral population theory. “Our work provides strong evidence that, in general, Native Americans are more closely related to each other than to any other existing Asian populations, except those that live at the very edge of the Bering Strait,” said Kari Britt Schroeder, a lecturer at the University of California, Davis, and the first author on the paper describing the study. “While earlier studies have already supported this conclusion, what’s different about our work is that it provides the first solid data that simply cannot be reconciled with multiple ancestral populations,” said Schroeder, who was a Ph.D. student in anthropology at the university when she did the research…. http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2009/04/090428223836.htm