The Earth’s Superkillers! Sea Horses?


Forget about great whites, the giant squid, Carpet Viper snakes and even salt-water crocodiles. None of them can claim to be the most efficient killer on the planet. Those creatures don’t attack as well and as mercilessly as a sea horse, according to the Discovery channel’s DNews.

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The cute and cuddly looking sea horse catches and devours 90 percent of its prey; for comparison, the great white only swallows 55 percent of its prey.

Why are they so deadly? Researchers at the University of Texas Marine Science Institute in Port Aransas, Texas, used laser-infused, high speed cameras to figure it out. Apparently, sea horses sneak up on their prey (Copepods); invisible to them until it’s too late. The sea horse’s head has a unique shape which scientists say helps quietly suction their prey. Normally, other creatures inject certain vibrations into the water to alert their prey that they are coming. Prey, like the Copepods, feel those vibrations and are able to flee before they are attacked, but sea horse’s long nostrils prevent giving off any vibrations after suction. Once they “sneak up” on the Copepods, the killing happens in an instant and the prey have no time to escape.

DNews reveals the sea creatures’ idiosyncrasies further in the video below.