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The marquee of The Laugh Factory on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles acknowledged the loss of one of the greats.

May God Laugh: A Thank You to Charlie Hill, From Vaughn Eaglebear

Vaughn Eaglebear

On Tuesday, comedian Marc Yaffee shared some thoughts about the passing of Charlie Hill, whose influence on Native comedy cannot be overstated. Now, Vaughn Eaglebear, a collaborator of Yaffee's in the Pow Wow Comedy Jam, offers his own recollections on Hill. 

He was a great standup comedian. His accomplishments are totally awesome. If you ever go to the laugh factory in Hollywood California and look at the names on the bricks on the building, you will see Charlie Hill. He worked comedy clubs in every major city and traveled through out the world sharing his humor.

Charlie took me under his wing. He told me my style of humor is unique and great. He believed in me and my dream of doing stand up comedy. He often joked around with me and said "I think you are one of my road babies" -- and even though he was joking, after he said that I looked to him as a father figure in standup comedy. He spoke with me about stand up and prepped me for what to expect and how to deal with things. One thing that was most impactful to me is when he said "When you do stand up comedy in front of a Native crowd, you are performing in front of royalty, and treat them as such." I work very hard to remember that teaching and it  earned me many gigs and invites back to perform at many places through out my career.

He will be missed and remembered. And most of all, aside from being a great stand up comic, Charlie loved his wife, children, and family. He told me everything that he did was all for his family. Another important teaching he taught me that I try to live up too.

Thank You Charlie Hill.